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I'm Keunwoo. I made BitHug (with lots of help; see credits below) to scratch an itch.

I'll probably write more here someday.


Every technology owes a moral debt to the stuff it is built from. We cannot discharge this debt fully but here is some credit.

Frontend JavaScript is built using the Google Closure compiler, and uses the Closure libraries (license).

The embedded text editor and syntax highlighting are implemented using Cloud9 Ace (license). RequireJS and almond are used to package up Ace for distribution.

The layout framework is Bootstrap (license). The color scheme is mostly Solarized, with some additions to make website chrome less contrasty than it would be with pure Solarized.

Ace and Bootstrap both use jQuery (license), and therefore BitHug does too, although only insofar as those libraries force clients to do so.

The review interface design owes much to Mondrian and its descendants (Rietveld, Gerritt, pull request commenting on GitHub, ...).

The application server runs on nodejs with Express and node-postgres, with a few smaller additions from the npm ecosystem.

The database is PostgreSQL.

Terms of Service

Current terms of service are listed below.

BitHug will not spam you. BitHug will email you only for matters directly related to your account. For example, we may email you when someone requests a code review from you, or if the service changes in a way that is important for you to know about.

BitHug will not share your data with third parties, except when required to operate the service, or when you explicitly request that we share your data, or when required by law. For example, we may share your email address with other users when you ask that we do so. Otherwise, we retain and use data that you disclose to us only as needed to operate this service.

Bithug requires that you act civilly. Do not send spam or harass other users. Do not upload material in violation of the law, including copyright law. Don't be a jerk. We may terminate your account if you violate these terms.

BitHug is experimental. There is no warranty. Someday, BitHug may be forced to change the service or these terms (for example, to state these terms in more traditionally dense and unreadable legal language). We reserve the right to do this. We pledge that any revised terms will honor the spirit of the terms given above.

By accepting these terms, you hereby certify that you are at least 13 years of age under United States law.

Users accept this agreement, or an earlier version of it, at account creation time. I plan to make all historical revisions of the terms of service available on a publicly accessible, versioned repository. The current location of this repository is as follows:

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TODO(keunwoo): implement this; at a minimum, we need:
    + update contact email
    + delete account
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